Understanding and Addressing the Escalating Costs of Escape of Water Claims – In the realm of home insurance claims, one issue consistently stands out, looming large and accounting for a substantial portion of claims: escapes of water. Recent insights from Go Compare have shed light on the staggering frequency and financial toll of these incidents, highlighting a concerning trend that demands attention and proactive measures.

The Numbers Behind the Challenge

According to Go Compare’s findings, escapes of water constitute a substantial 25.81% of all home insurance claims, amassing a staggering 19,749 claims in the previous year alone. The financial repercussions are equally astounding, with insurers shelling out a daunting £1.8 million daily to address the damages caused by these incidents. However, perhaps more worrying is the steady rise in the severity of these claims, a trend potentially attributed to the escalating impact of climate change-induced extreme weather events.

Unveiling the Root Causes

Unraveling the complexity of escapes of water reveals a multifaceted issue, stemming from various triggers:

  1. Installation Woes: Poorly installed appliances and inadequate plumbing materials serve as breeding grounds for potential disasters. With a surge in household water appliances and multiple bathrooms becoming the norm, the risk amplifies, raising concerns over faulty connections and fittings.
  2. Workmanship and Maintenance: Subpar work standards in pipework installation, compounded by lack of maintenance, contribute significantly to vulnerabilities. Instances of push-fit fittings failing due to poor quality installation or corrosion resulting from neglect further exacerbate the risks.
  3. Property Vacancy: The increasing travel opportunities, while a boon for many, render properties unoccupied for extended periods. This absence translates to overlooked issues and missed routine checks, setting the stage for potential water-related disasters.
  4. Other Triggers: Factors like frozen pipes, pressure fluctuations, physical damage, and blockages further complicate the landscape of potential water escape incidents.

Confronting the Aftermath: Mitigating Costs of  Escape of Water Claims

To curtail the financial strains on insurers, proactive measures and informed actions emerge as key strategies:

  1. Swift Response: Prompt action upon the initial notification of the loss significantly reduces the impact. Awareness of the property’s stopcock location is vital in halting the water supply during an escape.
  2. Thorough Information Gathering: Equipping loss adjusters with comprehensive information at the claim’s onset expedites the determination of causation and policy cover, ensuring swifter resolutions.
  3. Vigilant Oversight: Landlords and property owners must monitor contractors diligently, ensuring adherence to quality standards. Regular inspections serve as preventive measures, identifying potential issues before they escalate.
  4. Quality Repairs: Emphasizing high-quality repairs and materials post-incident is crucial in preventing recurrences.

The Role of Technology and Future Prospects

Technological advancements hold promise in mitigating water escape risks. Leak detection systems and Artificial Intelligence present opportunities for insurers to proactively reduce these incidents, potentially reshaping the landscape of risk assessment and management.

Partnering for Effective Solutions

At Brunel Insurance, we recognise the pressing need to address the rising tide of water escape claims. Our commitment lies in understanding these challenges and collaborating with stakeholders to implement proactive solutions.


The surge in escapes of water claims poses a formidable challenge to insurers and homeowners alike. Yet, through a concerted effort encompassing education, vigilance, technological innovation, and collaborative action, the industry can navigate these troubled waters. At Brunel Insurance, we stand poised to lead this charge, offering expertise and dedication to address this escalating concern.

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