Insurance for Empty and Unoccupied Properties

Welcome to Brunel Insurance for People, where we understand the significance of safeguarding your unoccupied property. Whether the property is unoccupied pending sale, between tenants, empty due to hospitalisation or care home stay, undergoing renovation or any other reason not mentioned our insurance solutions can cater to the specific needs of your empty property, providing comprehensive cover against unforeseen risks.

Why Choose Brunel Insurance for Unoccupied Properties?

At Brunel Insurance for People, we offer specialised insurance policies designed exclusively for unoccupied properties. Our comprehensive cover includes protection for empty homes against a range of perils including Fire, Storm, Theft, Escape of Water and Vandalism*, ensuring your peace of mind while your property is vacant.

Our empty property insurance is tailored to cover the following:

  • Buildings and Contents Insurance: Safeguarding the structure and belongings within your unoccupied property.
  • Property Owners Liability: Protecting you against legal liabilities arising from injuries or damages on your property.

We understand that each property has unique requirements. Brunel Insurance for People offers flexible policy durations, ensuring you have the right cover whether your property is empty for a short period or an extended time. Our customizable policies are tailored to suit your specific needs, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Understanding Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied property insurance, also known as empty house insurance, ensures that your property remains protected during prolonged periods of vacancy. This specialized policy covers unforeseen events like floods, fire, theft, and vandalism that may occur while your property is unoccupied.

Different Terms, Same Meaning

Terms like unoccupied property, empty property, and vacant property all refer to the same scenario – a property without occupants.

Common Reasons for Property unoccupancy

Properties might stand unoccupied for various reasons:

  • Inheritance and probate processes
  • Sale of the property while residing elsewhere
  • Ongoing renovations or repairs
  • Extended holidays or business trips
  • Rental property without tenants

Why Notify Your Insurer?

Informing your insurance provider about your property’s vacancy is crucial. Unoccupied homes pose higher risks for damage, theft, and vandalism due to a lack of immediate attention or preventive measures.

Potential Consequences of Not Informing Your Insurer

Failure to inform your insurer about property vacancy might result in policy restrictions or invalidation. This omission could lead to rejected claims if issues arise during the unoccupied period.

Why Brunel Insurance for People Stands Out

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team provides expert advice and guidance throughout the insurance process, ensuring informed decisions.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe in open, clear communication, and building trust with our clients.
  • Excellent Customer Service:  We pride ourselves on giving 5-star service and this is shown in our fantastic TrustPilot Reviews 

 Secure Your Unoccupied Property with Brunel Insurance

Investing in unoccupied property insurance with Brunel Insurance for People is a proactive step to protect your property against unforeseen risks. Our commitment to tailored solutions and expertise ensures your vacant property is adequately protected. Connect with us today to secure your unoccupied property and enjoy peace of mind.

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*Actual cover and terms may vary based on policy specifics and underwriting guidelines.