Increased Cancellation Cover for Travel Insurance

What is Top-up Cancellation Travel Insurance?

Top-up cancellation cover on travel insurance refers to an additional layer of protection that extends the cover provided by a primary policy. It supplements the existing policy by offering increased financial protection specifically for trip cancellations or interruptions beyond the limits of the primary insurance cover.

How does Top Up Cancellation Insurance work?

Enhanced Cover Limits:

If the primary travel insurance policy has a maximum limit for trip cancellations or interruptions, the top-up cover extends that limit. For instance, if the primary policy covers trip cancellations up to £5,000, a top-up policy might offer an additional £5,000 or more in cover.

Top-up cancellation insurance allows you to purchase up to £50,000 extra cancellation cover per person, however, upon referral we can cover up to £500,000 per policy so your holiday costs are fully covered.

  • We can cover you as long as your main insurer does too
  • Cover for all destinations
  • Any trip duration
  • No need to declare pre-existing medical conditions
  • Available to clients aged 85 years or under

Filling Cover Gaps:

Sometimes, the primary policy might have exclusions or limitations that the top-up insurance can cover. It bridges gaps in cover and policy limits, ensuring a more comprehensive safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.

Customised Protection:

Travellers can tailor the top-up cover to their specific needs. They may choose to increase cover for particular aspects of the trip, such as non-refundable expenses, higher-value items, or specific risks not adequately covered by the primary policy.

Financial Protection:

The top-up cancellation cover provides peace of mind by offering additional financial protection against unexpected events that might force the cancellation or interruption of a trip.

It’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of both the primary travel insurance policy and the top-up insurance to ensure compatibility and avoid overlapping cover. Travellers should review the cover limits, exclusions, deductible amounts, and any specific requirements or restrictions to maximise protection.

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