Following recent government COVID-19 travel updates, Brunel Insurance for People would like to share an informative travel update for those booking international travel.

What has changed?

  • Travellers who have been double-jabbed or are under 18 will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 test within the 48hrs prior to returning to England, from outside the UK.
  • Travellers who have been double-jabbed returning to England will now only be required to take a lateral flow test on day two, not a more expensive PCR test. The lateral flow test must still be purchased privately, NHS tests are not accepted.
  • Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are still required to be completed by all prior to departure and return.

Both leading up to and on your holiday, you need a policy you can trust to protect you against the unexpected. That’s where we come in. Brunel Insurance for People is the sister company of Brunel Insurance Brokers and is a fully independent broker specialising in personal insurances. Our team have strong travel market relationships which allow us to provide enhanced COVID-19 cover* for our clients.

It’s important for all holiday-goers to consider the importance of travel insurance.

The average cost of medical treatment overseas is £1,300, yet as many as 10 million holidaymakers travel without the right insurance, or even no travel insurance at all.

By failing to take out travel insurance, you are left exposed to financial loss in the event of unforeseen injury, illness or cancellation.

One in three travel insurance claims is for medical care. Without travel insurance, an unexpected medical bill in a foreign country could cost you thousands.

With the right policy, you’ll be able to relax on your holiday knowing that should you find yourself sick or injured, your policy will cover the emergency medical costs and get you home safely.

If you’re planning on partaking in any high-risk activities such as snow, water or extreme sports, or if you’re travelling for business or relaxing on a cruise, you will need a policy with additional cover to protect you whilst doing these activities.

Brunel’s independence and access to the entire open market allow us to provide our clients with extensive insurance solutions, arranging a bespoke policy tailored around their individual requirements. We are also able to cater for people travelling against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, people with various medical conditions, older travellers, backpackers and long stay trips, single trips, annual multi trips, cruise cover, one-way trip cover, sports trips and business trips.

Don’t let the unexpected ruin your long-awaited holiday. Our team of experts are here to find a policy that will have you covered, come rain or shine. Contact us today.



If we are unable to provide you with a suitable travel insurance policy, or if you have a serious medical condition resulting in a higher premium than you expected, the Money Advice Service might be able to help you.
Please visit or call on 0800 138 7777