Brunel Insurance for People is part of the Brunel Group. Brunel was established in 2005 to provide a fully independent insurance broking service.


Today we are one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers. The Group acts for thousands of clients throughout the UK across 6 offices, including Bristol, London and Stockton.

We have adopted highly disciplined, client-focused management processes, to deliver unparalleled service. Our excellent market relationships enable us to obtain our clients’ complete and competitive insurance cover to suit their exact requirements.

We have an ongoing commitment to resourcing our business with both high-calibre recruits and insurance professionals with a wealth of industry experience. We regularly audit our procedures to maintain relevancy and challenge our work process with increasing internal commitments to client service.

To obtain a quotation, please call us on 01934 643 400 or click the below link and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.