Non-Standard Home Insurance

At Brunel Insurance, we understand that every home is unique. Whether you’re in a high-risk area or have non-standard requirements, we’ve got you covered. Safeguard your home with our tailored insurance solutions designed to fit your needs.

Tailored Protection for Your Unique Home

Your home is more than just a property—it’s a sanctuary. We specialise in providing comprehensive cover for properties that don’t fit the standard mould. From high-value homes to those in flood-prone areas or with specific structural designs, our policies are crafted to ensure you’re protected against unforeseen events.

If a property isn’t made of traditional materials, i.e. with walls made of stone or brick and a roof made of tile or slate, it classifies as ‘non-standard’ construction. Homes with features such as flat or thatched roofs and steel or timber frames would fall under this category, along with high-net-worth and listed buildings.

As the owner of a non-standard home, it’s important to understand the unique risks involved, as well as potential challenges you might face when taking out a mortgage and home insurance.

These properties can be tricky to finance. Issues stem from the fact that non-standard homes can be very costly to repair compared to ‘standard’ ones, often requiring specialist tradespeople, repairs and maintenance.

Insurers tend to be less keen to cover these homes, as the risk of potential claims resulting from timber and non-standard construction can be high. Arranging appropriate cover for these anomalous properties requires expertise and industry experience. It is not enough for non-standard homeowners to source their cover from generic brokers or comparison sites.

A non-standard home policy will include all the covers you would expect from a standard household policy, with added peace of mind that the insurers are fully aware of your property’s construction.

Work From Home Insurance

In today’s dynamic work landscape, your home is not just a sanctuary—it’s your office, boardroom, and professional hub. Protect your work sanctuary with Brunel Insurance’s specialised Work From Home cover.

Working from home comes with its own set of unique risks. Your homeowner’s insurance might not adequately cover business-related liabilities or equipment. That’s where we come in. Our tailored policies are designed to safeguard your work environment, providing peace of mind while you pursue your professional goals from the comfort of your home.

Types of Non-Standard Home Insurance 

  • Flood risk: Properties that have previously had flooding or are in flood-risk areas

  • Unoccupied properties: Properties that have been unoccupied for long periods,

  • High-value: If your home is worth a lot of money, it may require a specialist policy

  • Properties Undergoing Renovation: Properties that are undergoing refurbishment or redevelopment and building work
  • Non-standard construction: Including thatched roofs, timber or metal frames and prefabricated buildings

  • Listed buildings: Listed buildings require specialist insurance due to the nature of specialist building materials and requirements

  • Subsidence: Properties that have previously suffered from Subsidence, Heave and Landslip.

  • Criminal convictions: You must advise your insurance provider and broker if you or anyone living in the property has an unspent criminal conviction

  • Bankruptcy and Financial Irregularities: If you’ve previously declared bankruptcy, or had a CCJ or insolvency, you’ll need to let your insurer know even if this was in a business capacity.

  • Home Insurance with Lodgers, Airbnb and Paying Guests: In today’s society and with the ever-increasing cost of living, more and more people are deciding to rent spare space in their homes out to Lodgers and Paying Guests, especially through platforms such as Airbnb.

Why choose Brunel Insurance for People?

As an independent specialist, Brunel Insurance for People has the necessary market access and relationships to arrange cover for these unique homes. With a robust and comprehensive non-standard home insurance policy, you can have peace of mind that your property will be protected in the event of accidental damage, fire and storms, among other risks.

Protect your home’s individuality and feel secure with a non-standard home insurance policy from Brunel.

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