Case Studies

Complete cover

Client Type:

A current client of our sister-company Brunel Wealth required cover for a prestige car. The policyholder had an international license, nil no claims bonus to use, was high risk and had a large power vehicle. With all this combined, the client found it extremely hard to cover in relation to the value of the vehicle. Despite this, our excellent market relationships allowed us to find complete cover for the client and further save them money on a previous quote. A great result from the Brunel team and for the client, who was left extremely pleased with the service provided.

Impressed and relieved

Client Type:

A recent client came to Brunel after their previous broker gave them only one days’ notice that they couldn’t offer renewal terms, due to expensive building works taking place shortly after the renewal date. The property was also monitored for subsidence two years prior. Despite this, our specialist team were able to turn a quote around within just hours and offered the client full cover for their needs, including subsidence and for the contract works due to be carried out. Our team expanded their current cover while keeping the cost low. The client was impressed and relieved and our team were delighted to be able to support them after being let down by their previous broker.