Whether you’re leasing twenty flats or a single home, as landlords your rental properties are exposed to some unique risks that require specific insurance cover.

In addition to the standard risks, there are many more that arise specifically when you have a tenant  living in your rental property. For example, while any homeowner may be exposed to flood or fire, vandalism and loss of rent only pose a threat to those leasing to a second party.

Similar to regular home insurance, a landlord’s policy is designed to protect against risks relating to your property and associated activities. In addition to building and contents cover, a landlord’s policy can cover property owner’s liability, loss of rent and alternative accommodation. Additional covers can include accidental damage, malicious damage by tenants, terrorism, landlord’s legal protection and rent guarantee cover. Within the policy, building insurance for landlords can protect against fire, storm, lightning, earthquake, malicious damage, riot, civil commotion, escape of water and oil, theft, flood, subsidence, falling trees and impact. 

With so many bases to cover, it is vital for landlords to safeguard themselves and their investment with a robust and comprehensive landlord insurance policy.

As an independent broker, Brunel provides extensive insurance solutions sourced from a wide market of insurers. Our team will approach the market on your behalf, utilising their excellent market relationships in whittling down the cost of your premium and arranging suitable cover, all at a competitive price.

Don’t leave yourself or your property at risk. Protect your venture against the unexpected with a landlord insurance policy arranged by Brunel.

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