Home Insurance with Subsidence

Subsidence… the word alone is enough to give any homeowner that sinking feeling, coupled with the potential challenges this leaves the homeowner with when arrange insurance for Home with Subsidence.

Occurring when the ground beneath a property begins to sink and shift downwards, subsidence causes a building’s foundations to become misaligned. This leads to the property sinking into the ground unevenly, putting strain on its structure and causing cracks to appear.

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What causes subsidence?

  • Clay soil shrinking and cracking in dry weather
  • Disused mines or other excavations under property
  • Vibrations through the ground from things such as nearby train lines
  • Trees cause soil shrinkage when their roots extract water from the surrounding ground
  • Large volumes of escaped water from leaking or damaged pipes

Whether it’s caused by human activity or naturally occurring processes, subsidence is a serious issue that requires specialist Home insurance with Subsidence cover.

A subsidence policy will cover the cost of repairing structural damage as a result of subsidence, as well as replacement costs for lost or damaged possessions. If the damage is so severe that your home is uninhabitable, your policy can also cover the cost of temporary alternative accommodation.

Due to the many associated risks, many insurers are wary of covering homes at risk or with a history of subsidence. Sourcing suitable cover at a competitive price requires specialist knowledge of this market and strong insurer relationships–cue Brunel.

Brunel Insurance for People is an independent, specialist broker with a wealth of experience in the property insurance industry. We approach the entire open market, then use our excellent market relationships to whittle down the cost of your premium, arranging the most suitable cover at a competitive price.

Don’t let your property slip through the cracks. Protect your home with Home insurance with subsidence arranged by the experts.

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