Empty Homes on the Rise

As of October 2022, the UK Government reports that there are 676,304 homes classed as empty for council tax purposes across the UK, with over 248,149 of them remaining unoccupied for more than six months, as per the latest government data (2022).

Whether these properties are idle due to owners awaiting sale, serving as second homes, or undergoing probate, the challenge of insuring them remains significant.

To assist in safeguarding your unoccupied dwelling, we’ve created some useful advice and insights into unoccupied property insurance.

What protections does insuring an unoccupied home offer?

  • Cover against natural disasters such as floods and storms*
  • Protection against fires*
  • Cover for burst pipes*
  • Cover against vandalism and theft*

*Cover on Unoccupied Property Insurance varies from policy to policy

Do I need unoccupied property insurance?

Your standard home insurance might provide adequate coverage, or you might necessitate specific unoccupied property insurance. You should always check with your current insurance provider.

Why is unoccupied property insurance more costly than regular home insurance?

An unoccupied home often attracts unwanted attention from vandals and squatters, elevating the property’s risk profile to insurers compared to an occupied residence.

The presence of occupants significantly mitigates risks, as they can promptly address incidents and deter vandals.

Consequently, unoccupied property insurance frequently commands higher premiums.

What is short-term insurance?

Often you will not require a full 12 months of insurance, therefore we have policies with various duration ranging from 3 months to 12 months

Other ways to protect an Unoccupied Home

Some Insurers mandate the maintenance of heating if the property remains unoccupied especially in the winter and colder months to prevent your water pipes from freezing and bursting.

Inform neighbours of the property’s unoccupancy to keep an eye on the property and inform you should anything happen to your property between visits. Additionally, keeping curtains and blinds open deters potential intruders during daylight hours.

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