Specialist Insurance for Thatched Roof Homes

Safeguarding Your Thatched Roof Home: Brunel Insurance for People

At Brunel Insurance, we recognise the unparalleled charm of Thatched Roof Homes. Our commitment extends to providing specialised insurance tailored for these unique properties, ensuring homeowners like you receive comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Celebrating Thatched Roof Living

  • Embracing Uniqueness: Thatched Roof Homes are a testament to beauty and history, accompanied by distinctive needs and challenges.
  • Tailored Protection: Learn why insurance specially crafted for these homes is crucial for safeguarding your cherished property.

Our Cover, Your Shield

  • Comprehensive Protection: Our insurance covers fire, weather-related damage, and specific structural issues associated with thatched roofs.
  • Preserving Your Possessions: Ensure your belongings are secured against potential damage.
  • Dedicated to Special Roofs: Cover for the unique repairs and maintenance that Thatched Roof Homes demand.


Choosing Brunel for Your Thatched Roof Home

Customised Solutions

Tailor-made insurance plans cater to the distinct needs of Thatched Roof homeowners.

Risk Management Partner

Discover how our cover minimises risks inherent to these exceptional properties.

Expert Guidance

Access our team of specialists experienced in safeguarding and assessing Thatched Roof Homes

Customer Service

We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service which can be demonstrated by our customer reviews.


Understanding Thatched Roof Challenges

  • Unique Risks: There are specific challenges faced by Thatched Roof properties and here at Brunel Insurance for People we understand these and aim to find you a policy to help mitigate these risks.
  • Brunel’s Dedication: Our commitment and expertise in insuring these exceptional homes is second to none and this can be seen by our 5 Star Reviews.

Detailed Cover Highlights

  • Fire Protection: Comprehensive cover is crucial for safeguarding the unique structure of thatched roofs.
  • Storm Protection: Protect your home against adverse weather conditions that can affect these specialised roofs.

At Brunel Insurance for People, we take pride in protecting the essence of Thatched Roof Homes. Let our specialised insurance be your shield, preserving the heritage and beauty of your unique property.

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