Serviced Accommodation Insurance

At Brunel Insurance for People, we understand the unique needs of landlords and property owners in the serviced accommodation sector. Whether you’re offering short-term rentals, holiday lets, or corporate housing, safeguarding your investment is crucial. Our tailored Serviced Accommodation Insurance is designed to mitigate risks and provide comprehensive cover, giving you the confidence to focus on maximizing your property’s potential.

Understanding Serviced Accommodation Insurance

Serviced Accommodation Insurance goes beyond traditional landlord insurance. It encompasses a diverse range of protections specifically crafted for properties operating within the serviced accommodation industry. These policies address the dynamic nature of short-term rentals, ensuring that your assets and income streams remain secure.

Comprehensive Cover for Your Unique Needs

Property Insurance

Your property is your asset, and protecting it from unexpected events is paramount. Our insurance covers buildings and contents, safeguarding against perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and accidental damage.

Public Liability

Accidents can happen, and liability claims may arise. Our cover includes public liability protection, shielding you from financial repercussions resulting from injury or property damage sustained by a guest on your premises.

Legal Expenses

Navigating legal issues can be daunting. With our legal expenses cover, gain access to expert advice and financial assistance for legal matters related to your serviced accommodation business.

Alternative Accommodation

Should an insured event force guests to vacate your property, our insurance can cover the costs of relocating them to alternative accommodation, ensuring a seamless experience for your guests.

Loss of Rent

Unforeseen circumstances may lead to a loss of rental income. Our policies provide compensation for such losses, offering a safety net during periods of vacancy or non-rental due to covered events.

Why Choose Brunel Insurance for People?

Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every property is unique. Our insurance policies are customised to suit your specific requirements, providing flexible cover that aligns with your business model.

Specialist Expertise

With years of experience in the insurance industry, our specialists understand the intricacies of the serviced accommodation sector. Benefit from our expertise and personalised guidance.

Responsive Support

Our dedicated team is committed to providing prompt and responsive assistance. From policy inquiries to claims processing, count on us for reliable and efficient service.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive rates without compromising on the breadth and depth of cover. Get value for your investment with our cost-effective insurance solutions.

Partner with Us for Peace of Mind

At Brunel Insurance for People, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your investments and ensuring the success of your serviced accommodation business. Trust in our comprehensive cover and personalised service to protect your property and maximize your returns. Get in touch with our specialists today to explore insurance options tailored to your unique needs. Safeguard your investment, and secure your peace of mind with Brunel Insurance for People’s Serviced Accommodation Insurance.

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