Executor and Probate Property Insurance

Are you faced with the responsibility of managing a property going through probate? Brunel Insurance for People understands the unique challenges you encounter during this period. Our Executor and Probate Insurance can be tailored to provide comprehensive cover and peace of mind for the property throughout the probate process.

What is House Insurance During Probate?

Probate grants you, as the executor, the authority to manage a deceased person’s estate. It involves receiving and making payments on behalf of the estate. If the estate includes property, probate can become a lengthy process, making specialist insurance important.

What is an Executor?

As the executor named in the deceased’s will, you have the responsibility of administering the estate, including safeguarding any property involved. This often includes the deceased’s home, making appropriate Executor and Probate home insurance a necessity.

Why Specialist House Insurance During Probate?

Property in probate remains in the ownership of the deceased’s estate until the will determines its future. Standard home insurance is usually inadequate for a likely empty property during probate. Regular home insurance may have restrictions or lose certain covers during periods of unoccupancy.

Our insurance for executors can offer comprehensive cover, including building insurance, contents insurance, and property owner’s liability. We know the length of the probate process can vary significantly from estate to estate therefore we offer flexible policy lengths of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Executors may find themselves managing an empty property during probate, leading to potential gaps in standard home insurance policies. Our insurance considers the need for specialist unoccupied property insurance, ensuring the property remains safe and secure throughout probate.

Probate can be an extended process, and our home insurance for executors and unoccupied property insurance can be tailored to your specific timescale.

Secure the future of your loved one’s estate with Brunel Insurance for People’s Executor and Probate Insurance. Get a quote today and ensure comprehensive protection during this crucial time.

Why Brunel Insurance for People?

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Unoccupied House Insurance

Understanding the risks of leaving a property unoccupied during probate, we offer coverage if the property remains vacant for more than 30 days. Our insurance protects against theft, vandalism, flooding, and various other scenarios. Let us know your property’s current state, and we’ll handle the rest.