The statistical nature of premium calculation means that the cost of each individual policy reflects a huge number of different factors, unique to each motorist. Everything from your age and postcode to the model of your car is used to predict how likely you are to make a claim.

Young drivers aged between 17 and 25 are considered ‘high risk’, which means their premium quotes are likely to be higher. Young drivers tend to have less experience behind the wheel so are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident. Those over 65 are also deemed high risk and therefore likely to pay more.

Our advice: unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this factor. The best advice for young drivers is to be safe and considerate on the roads and build up your no-claims bonus. This will bring your premium down in the future. In the meantime, you could take an additional driving course such as a Pass Plus Course or Advanced Driving qualification. While this may lower you premium, there is no guarantee.

Occupation also plays a role in price. Professions such as accountants, nurses and secretaries are deemed ‘safer’ to insure, so can expect cheaper quotes. On the other hand, ‘racier’ profession such as builders, DJs and security guards are considered more likely to claim, thus are issued high premiums. Anyone working unsociable hours are statistically more likely to leave their cars in high-risk areas overnight, increasing the likelihood of a break-in and therefore increasing premium.

Our advice: if your profession increases your premium, there isn’t much you can do (unless you’re willing to change the entire trajectory of your career). Even if it results in higher costs, do not lie about your career under any circumstances. Any false information will result in your insurance being void and claims will not be paid in the event of an accident.

Insurers consider your postcode when calculating the cost of your premium. 90% of all car insurance claims happen within a five-mile radius of the driver’s home, so insurers will research things such as the number of uninsured drivers and claims (both genuine and fraudulent) in your area. Parking, both during the day and overnight, will affect your insurance. You should consider lower risk parking where possible.

Our advice: park your car off-street overnight (preferably in a locked garage if you have the option). Leave your car at home during the day rather than in high risk areas such as in a public car park or on the street. This may assist you in reducing your premium. If you’re relocating for university from a low to a high-risk area, consider Leaving your car behind to avoid a premium increase.

Your car itself affects how much you pay for insurance. The make, year, modifications and additional safety features have an impact on cost – a lot of this boils down to how likely your car is to be stolen. Modifications which do not affect safety such as lowering or raised backs are more attractive to thieves – so are flashy, shiny new cars. The presence of safety features make you less likely to be involved in an accident in the eyes of insurers, so will therefore bring down the cost of your premium.

Our advice: first time drivers should opt for a car with an engine size 1.4 litres or lower. If you want to avoid a hefty premium, refrain from unnecessary modifications.

All things considered, if you’re making steps towards obtaining cheaper car insurance, we recommend:

  • Consider installing a black box or other additional safety features such
    as electronic safety systems (e.g. anti-lock brakes), air bags and visibility
    aids. These will not only save you money but could potentially save
    your life.
  • If possible, keep your car in a locked garage overnight.
  • Avoid unnecessary modifications.
  • Be safe and considerate out on the road to maintain a clean claims
  • Try and improve your credit score – this will also be considered by
  • Consider taking an additional driving course to increase your
    experience and potentially lower your premium cost.
  • Consider approaching a broker with excellent market relationships.
    Their connection with insurers can help reduce the cost of your

Purchasing your car insurance through a broker means that you will receive a more personal and comprehensive service. A common pitfall of obtaining quotes online is that crucial information is often overlooked or undisclosed. Our team understand how vital these details are in the event of a claim – that’s why we carry out full licence checks for all our clients, ensuring all claims and convictions are notified so that any future claims will be paid on time. One of our experts will also discuss contributing factors such as your average mileage per week in order to provide you with suitable cover.

Brunel Insurance for People can provide low excesses and top legal expenses policies for its clients, meaning whether their accident is fault or a non-fault, they will receive a courtesy car. If a claim does occur, our in-house claims team manage the process of agreeing and setting the claim. We are aware that a serious claim can have an adverse effect on business, that’s why our team will dedicate time and effort to work towards a swift and successful outcome.

Brunel is an independent, specialist broker. We approach the entire open market, then use our excellent market relationships to whittle down the cost of your premium, arranging the most suitable cover at a competitive price. For a free, no-obligation quotation, call us on 0345 873 4451 or get in touch by emailing